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Imudisplay visiting Germany and Great Britain

Aug 10, 2017

Due to the amount of clients Imudisplay has in Germany and Great Britain, the comany has been planning to visit these countries for further business relationships.  Now with the plan settled, the 20-day visit would somewhat increase the bonding with our long-time customers and clients. 

Since over 28% of Imudisplay's revenue was dealt in Western Europe, and Great Britain along with Germany being the second and largest partner country that contributed those revenue.  Furthermore, the clients in these countries tend to have long-term relationships due to our stable good quality as well as the ability to meet clients demand both on product quality and other issues overall.  Therefore, LImudisplay regard clients from these two countries highly and we won't hesitate to spend our time and effort if there is anything we could do to help maintaining the healthy relations. 

World Region and Total Revenue Percentage.png

The flight will take place first from Shanghai Pudong airport to Manchester airport located in Great Britain.  May will be visiting 2-3 clients which has already had over 4 year relations with our company, just so to introduce our newly development products and to potentially increase more business opportunities.  

Then there will be another 7-day business travel to Germany to meet our largest and third largest client located all in Germany.  Despite difficulties like language barrier, transportation, and not used to the way of life in Germany in general, we have always come up with solutions such as use English instand of Germany, get an international driving license and rent a car to travel around.  

Imudisplay welcome you sincerely!