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How to clean up the tent

Mar 16, 2018

How to clean up the tent

After the tent is used, it is also important to maintain it. It is related to the service life of the tent and directly affects the use of the tent. Clean-up tents should be carried out according to the following procedures:

1, clean the bottom of the tent, wipe the sand, if there is pollution can be used to clean the water slightly.

2, cool tents inside and outside the tent, until it recovers and then close up after the dry, if not enough time to dry the tent, remember that must not be stored for a long time, so as not to color and mildew, a condition, immediately cool the sun.

3, clean the brace of the sand.

4, check the integrity of the tent attachments.

5, it is not appropriate to use detergents to clean up the water so as not to affect the waterproof effect.